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What are the daily use skills of non-standard titanium screws?

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What are the daily use skills of non-standard titanium screws?

As for the phenomenon of titanium alloy screw sliding teeth, we sometimes encounter the situation of titanium alloy screw overflow, also known as sliding teeth. On bicycles, screw holes in aluminum parts, such as handles, cranks, seat bar clamps, etc., can be seen. Titanium screws and foot pedal shafts are usually available. The repair method is to enlarge the hole and knock on the titanium screw sleeve at the bottom, but some local sizes are not enough to enlarge the hole except for the high cost and trouble. If the titanium screw overflows, a small section of the spiral spring can be cut into a folding head, put it into the overflow screw hole, and the titanium alloy screw can be directly screwed into it. Basically, the original tightening torque of the aluminum screw hole can be restored, and the reed will not fall after repeated disassembly. When tightening, spiral spring with different width and width can be selected according to the size of titanium alloy screw hole. Maybe we can put two coil springs in the titanium screw hole. There are some solutions, such as a hemp knife, raw material belt, screw glue or 502, but the result is that if the thread is not tightened, it will be useless. Here's a simple fix. For small tape measure, easy to pull buckle and other things not used at home, the retractable tape measure must be equipped with coil spring. Before throwing, please take off the coil spring for standby.

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