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What is the classification of copper insert precision screws

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What is the classification of copper insert precision screws

Precision screws are classified into self tapping screws and machine thread precision screws. Self tapping precision screws are characterized by tail end and teeth are mainly self tapping. Tooth external thread this is not easy to say, there are self tapping external thread, organic chemical thread thread. There are many kinds of self tapping precision screw heads on the top. There are pan heads, countersunk heads and half countersunk heads. The top of the head also has built-in pads and no pads. The tail end is mainly characterized by sharp tail self tapping, slotting self tapping, B tooth self tapping and fast tooth self tapping. Self tapping precision screws include pan head self tapping screw, countersunk head tapping screw, half countersunk head tapping screw, built-in cushion self tapping screw, cutting tail self tapping screw, etc. Machine wire precision screw is flat end, and its external thread is more symmetrical, the appearance of all levels and self tapping similar.

Electroplating process of precision screw generally refers to iron precision screw, stainless steel plate precision screw generally does not need electroplating process, unless it is specified by customers. Precision screw electroplating process color has environmental protection and non environmental protection. Non environmental protection precision screw electroplating process colors are color zinc, white zinc, black zinc, black coating black, white nickel, black nickel, blue zinc. Environmental protection of precision screw electroplating process colors include environmental protection color zinc, environmental protection white zinc, environmental protection blue zinc, environmental protection black zinc, environmental protection nickel, environmental protection black zinc.

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